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Kevin @ Find A Way

Kevin @ Find A Way

Learn About Cubase 4

A Lot More To Learn About This Great Program

Cubase 4 is the newest version of the flag-ship sequencer from Steinberg, now with even more options and features to help you get that perfect recording. SoundFrame, Instrument Tracks, VST3 and the Control Room are just a few of the great additions made. If you just made the jump from SX or VST, a personalized lesson will show you these new features and some tips and tricks to make you work quicker. If this is your first time using Cubase, you will learn how to get up and running to record or produce music.

Check out the 4 Hour Foundation, or 10 Sessions to Produce -- two courses to get any beginner up to speed with recording or producing.

Or contact me for any other lesson related questions.

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