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Kevin @ Find A Way

Kevin @ Find A Way

4 Hour Foundation

Get All The Basics Of Recording In Just 4 Hours

During this 4 hour course you"ll cover the main aspects of Cubase; for recording, arranging, producing, orchestrating and engineering. One-on-one classes can be directed to better suit your needs. Take this condensed course in one 4-hour block, or break it up doing 1-hour a week. Each lesson is divided into a single topic to make it all a little clearer.

  1. Connections & Setup
    • The gear & getting it all connected
    • Signals & their uses
    • Software Configuration
  2. World of MIDI
    • Understanding MIDI
    • MIDI in Cubase
    • Recording & editing
    • Programming drums
  3. Integrated Instruments
    • Understanding virtual instruments
    • Synthesizers
    • Samplers & sample playback
    • Add strings, bass, piano or other sounds to your song
  4. Digital Audio & Processing
    • Understanding digital audio
    • Audio in Cubase
    • Editing audio
    • FX & signal processing
    • Record overdubs & assemble the best takes
    • Mix down your song & put it on CD or online

Or contact me for any other lesson related questions.

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